How To Block A Member
No thanks, creepy person. Goodbye forever.
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So you're having a nice conversation with someone and all of the sudden, bam, they want a sexy picture. Um you're here for sobriety, get out of here. Besides, all your pictures are sexy. 

How do you make sure this person is blocked from messaging you and even seeing your posts? Let us make this oh so easy for you.

  1. First, go to their profile. Gross, we know, but it's only for a little bit. (This is actually Jon, our Engineering Director, who is not a creep but volunteered to play one on TV for us. Thanks Jon!)

  2. Click on the 3 white buttons you see on the top right of your creep's profile.

3. A drop down menu will pop up. Click on "Block" - this won't just remove them as a friend, it will block them from sending you any messages or seeing your posts. 

4. Phew. That's literally it! You're free now. Free! We're very sorry people are creepy, we can't exactly control that. We CAN put you in control of who messages you though. Now go forth in your sobriety with new strength, and only send people sexy pictures if YOU want to.

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