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Password reset, Profile name, and Email address

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Change Password

You can reset your password two ways:

  1. On a mobile website, go to:

  2. In iOS or Android, go to the main page, and click on “Login”, then “Forget Password”, and enter your email.

  3. Don't forget to check your junk/spam mailbox folders

Change Profile Name

  1. Go to your profile

  2. Select the edit button

  3. Enter in a new profile name

  4. Select Save

Change Email on Account

  1. Go to from your browser and click on login, located on the upper right corner. Use your current login credentials to login.

  2. Under Actions on the upper right hand side of the page, select Edit Profile from the drop down menu.

  3. Change your email to what you would like it to be, and don't forget to hit save!

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