1. No bullying. Members cannot make posts directed at other members, including posting personal information and/or screenshots of direct messages. Any complaints/screenshots can be messaged directly to the SG Community Manager (admin).

  2. No harassment. This means if you message a member to flirt, and the member says no-he/she means no. If you don’t respect the members wishes to not engage, you are subject to suspension of your membership. Sending members unsolicited nude photos or posting nude/sexual images on the newsfeed will result in a ban from the app.

  3. No hate speech, racism, sexism, or prejudice of any kind. We have a zero tolerance policy for prejudice and breaking this rule will result in being banned from the app.

  4. No images or videos of drugs or alcohol. This is extremely triggering.

  5. No promoting outside business, selling items or services, posting gofundme links, and no soliciting money in any way.

  6. SG members use a variety of ways to get sober, please do not make posts or comments to derogate certain programs of recovery. We need to respect everyone’s path program.

  7. We are here to support each other, not tear each other apart. Suggestions and advice is encouraged and welcomed, but please don’t derogate certain any program of recovery.

  8. This is a politics-free zone. Please do not post memes, pics, etc that are about politics. Things are triggering enough over on Facebook, let's keep Sober Grid out of it!

  9. Make sure your posts and photos are your own. If you're posting a story by someone else, please make sure you give proper credit. We want to keep the community as authentic as possible.

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